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KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) Wagers

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), originally known as the Korea Baseball Championship, is the premier baseball league in South Korea. The KBO League was founded with six franchises in 1982, and has since expanded to ten franchises.

The first KBO League game was played on March 27, 1982 between the Samsung Lions and the MBC Chungyong (now known as the LG Twins) at Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium, Seoul. Then South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan threw the first pitch.

Each KBO League team plays a total of 144 games in the regular season. Every mid-July, the best players participate in the KBO All-Star Game. The franchises participating are divided into two sets of teams: Dream All-Stars (Doosan, KT, Lotte, Samsung, and SK) and Nanum All-Stars (Kia, Hanwha, LG, NC and Nexen). Unlike in the MLB, the KBO All-star game does not determine home-field advantage in the KBO Korean Series.

The KBO League's season culminates with the KBO Korean Series, its equivalent of Major League Baseball’s World Series. The top five teams qualify for the playoffs based on win / loss records. The team with the best record gains a direct entry into the KBO Korean Series, while the second to fifth seed teams compete for the remaining place in a step-ladder playoff system:

  • KBO Wild Card Game: 4th place team vs. 5th place team; 4th place team needs to beat the 5th place team only once, while the 5th place team needs to beat the 4th place team twice to advance
  • KBO Playoffs Stage One: 3rd place team vs. winner of KBO Wild Card Game; best of three series
  • KBO Playoffs Stage Two: 2nd place team vs. winner of KBO Playoffs Stage One; best of seven series
  • KBO Korean Series: 1st place team vs. winner of KBO Playoffs Stage 2; best of seven series

Any playoff games ending in an official tie are replayed, thereby raising the possibility of a close series containing more than the scheduled 5 or 7 games.

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